cowellconsulting will assist you in your pursuit of new business in a variety
of ways, using a bespoke mix of established and innovative strategies.

Cowell Consulting - What We Do

What makes us different…..

The majority of marketing companies only focus on branding and strategic issues. As vital as these elements are, we see them as just the first steps of our journey together.

It is true that many organisations ignore these elements for too long and part of our service will be to address them.

After working closely with you to determine your needs and priorities, we offer imaginative, cost-effective ideas and tactics designed to gain you increased market share, new routes to market and an enhanced profile with clients, the media and those with influence in your chosen sectors.

And then.......

Once we have an agreed, relevant strategy and any branding issues have been resolved we provide you with the means to create the relationships that lead to new business.

.....we stay on board......

cowellconsulting has the resources to supplement your own efforts with research, first contact and introductions via formal and informal meetings and presentations, hospitality and innovative opportunities organised by us either on your behalf of as part of wider industry networking. help you succeed.